Colgate Terracycle accepted waste infographic for recycling

Being sustainable

We all have our part to play in becoming more sustainable and the world of dentistry is no exception.

Brighter Smiles is a Smile Together campaign and as such we’re part of an employee-owned social enterprise with a mission of creating ‘Healthier Happier Communities’. Recycling is an important part of our sustainability agenda and we are proud that our Harleigh Road Dental Centre in Bodmin is an approved public drop-off point for the Terracycle-Colgate Recycling Programme. Some of our Brighter Smiles schools are also approved points, which you can see on our map at

We not only recycle our old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and related packaging across all our locations but encourage our communities to do the same. Our Brighter Smiles team therefore encourages the schools, nurseries and family hubs that we regularly visit to collect these items from their pupils and families for us to then take away for recycling via our drop-off point in Bodmin.

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